I must make two disclaimers before we dive into this discussion.

#1. I’m not a doctor. I have access to Google, like anyone else. The links to the statistics that I used are at the bottom of this post.

#2. I use the phrase “typical sex” to indicate what is the most common sexual behavior that I’ve observed in clubs. Please do not confuse “typical” with “normal.” My descriptor is not an indictment on any other type of sex.

Now that the disclaimers are over let me tell you why STDs probably aren’t nearly as scary as you think.

The company that we recommend to test for STDs has a standard “10 test panel.” So we will start with these ten diseases, plus HPV.


Herpes 1

Herpes 2

Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B

Hepatitis C





Let’s break these down into “curable” and “incurable.”


Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis are treatable with antibiotics. While they have a stigma because they are sexually transmitted, they are not worse than contracting strep throat or any other ailment requiring antibiotics.

There are news reports about “super STDs” like gonorrhea, but these are all still treatable with antibiotics, albeit different ones than worked previously. Many diseases are becoming resistant to conventional drugs, not just STDs. However, “Super Gonorrhea” makes for excellent “clickbait.”

The bottom line is that contracting any of these may be annoying, but cost you about $15 and be cured in a week.


Some forms of sex are riskier than others. In the case of HIV, you are seventeen times more likely to contract HIV by having unprotected anal sex than unprotected vaginal sex, for example.

In my experience, most activity in a swinger club is heterosexual penis/vagina sex using condoms. Therefore, I’m going to discuss risk using statistics with that in mind.

Hepatitis A and B have a vaccine available, and Hepatitis C is not easily transmitted sexually. Health Canada estimates that only 2.5% of people would contract Hepatitis C after having unprotected sex with a Hepatitis C positive person for twenty years.

HIV is similar. The CDC estimates that if 10,000 women had unprotected penis/vagina sex with 10,000 HIV positive men that only eight would contract HIV. Further, condoms will protect you unless they break, slip, or leak. As you can see, it’s extraordinarily unlikely that you’d contract HIV from participating in the swinger lifestyle in the way most people participate.

It’s unlikely your partner would be HIV positive (1/300 Americans).

Even if they were HIV positive, it’s improbable (8/10,000)you’d contract it even if you weren’t using condoms.

Almost everyone at a club uses condoms.

Next on the list of “incurables,” is HPV, which can cause cancer. However, most YCP members are protected against the most dangerous strains by a vaccine. Most older swingers aren’t protected because the vaccine wasn’t available until 2006. If you’re unvaccinated, you should do so.

We’ve worked through ten sexually transmitted diseases. Let’s discuss the final one, herpes. This disease spreads from skin to skin contact, which means condoms offer less protection than the others.

Herpes may cause you a good deal of stress, but physically it’s pretty harmless. Herpes isn’t going to make you live a day less, or cause you to be on drug therapy for the rest of your life.

The major downside to contracting herpes is the need to disclose your condition to new partners.

If you contracted herpes in the lifestyle (unlikely) and couldn’t bear to have “the talk” with new partners, you may decide to stop swapping.

Here is the insane thing about that.

Many people never start non-monogamy for fear of herpes. They’ve given themselves the worst outcome possible, having to stop the lifestyle, by never starting. They never began to avoid the small chance that they may have to end someday. It doesn’t make sense.


We’ve managed to be in the swinger lifestyle for over a decade without contracting any of these STDs. Maybe we’ve been lucky? Probably more so, it’s just harder to catch these things than your sexual education teacher taught you in middle school. This low risk is especially true if you’re playing with other educated, mature people and use protection like people who go to a swinger club.

As I mentioned earlier, we both get tested twice a year. That’s common among swingers. We use the company in the banner ads on this blog post. Here is why.

It’s fast. It takes me 30 minutes to order my test, drive to the lab (there are 4500 nationwide) and come back home. I received my results in 24 hours.

It’s thorough. In the YCP Facebook group, people often post their std test results from their doctor. Usually, there are only 3-4 tests ordered, and sometimes they were only tested for the things someone would be the least likely to get in the lifestyle. Many times I see their results and wonder if their doctor has any idea what they are doing.

You get a 10-panel test with covers HIV, HSV 1, HSV 2, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis. Truly comprehensive.

They are an affiliate of YCP. When you click the link on our affiliate’s page and order a test, we get about $75. They’ve been an affiliate of ours for two years, but I’ve been using them much longer.

Every time we have this discussion, someone mentions cheaper ways to be tested. That’s perfectly fine. Money is finite for all of us. However, I would predict that most of you are still untested. Maybe you even went to the doctor but then lost your nerve when you had to tell her that you’re a swinger? Another reason why this company.

Click the link and get tested!