I’ve heard a lot of couples say, “This is only about us.”

They mean, “This is about our relationship. Spicing it up and sharing experiences.”

Who can argue with that? I can!

Sure, there is absolutely nothing more important than your marriage or relationship. That is especially true if you have children.

However, I’ve been with women before who were clearly only fucking me to turn their husband on. For example, she’s looking at him while i’m on top of her saying, “You like the way he’s fucking me, baby?” The intimacy is only between them and I’m a prop in their sex life. It’s pretty dehumanizing, and it takes all of the fun out of sex…that intimate and primal human connection.

I’m the complete opposite, honesty. When I’m with a woman, the entire building could be on fire and I wouldn’t realize it. Her and I are the only two people in the world. If a woman shares her body with me, my brain will not allow me to think about anything but her. She’s literally EVERYTHING to my brain in that moment.

So it’s not ONLY about you two. If you aren’t sexually attracted to the other person or couple, don’t fuck them. If you don’t want to share yourself fully with another person, why bother?

So yes, your relationship is important. But people you have sex with aren’t foreplay. They are human beings that want, and deserve, to be desired.

If this is really ONLY about you two, maybe watch a good porn?