The Military party is historically our least attended event. It’s not an exceptional theme from a ticket sales point-of-view. It’s confusing to know how to dress, and a lot of people are dispassionate about the military and veterans.

That’s where I’m calling you out.

Maybe you didn’t serve. Perhaps you’re not the type to wear a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt or pick up the next Toby Keith album. It doesn’t change these facts:

Over 2,000,000 Americans served in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the “war on terror” has had the United States engaged in combat operations in 76 different nations. Only a simpleton knows what our national security policies and actions should be. An intelligent person would understand that it’s too complicated ever to be sure. Are you “pro-war” or “against-war?” It doesn’t matter. You should do everything you can to be at this event.

Many of you are too young to have experienced this, but virtually everyone agreed after 9/11 that the United States needed to invade Afghanistan. But like all American conflicts, most of us just watched it on the news. By Halloween of 2001, while I was living in a college dormitory, many of my friends were doing things like driving truck convoys in Afghanistan, not knowing when they were going to run over the inevitable IED.

Most of those men and women are home now, and some attend YCP. I don’t know what percentage of our attendees are veterans, but I suspect its around 10% just from conversations I’ve had with people. What you don’t see are people who don’t attend because of the mental or physical scarring.

Attending this event and donating some cash to a Veterans Foundation doesn’t make any of these things go away. But it does accomplish two things.

#1. It’s a sign of respect. Shake a veteran’s hand, shove your tits in their face, and tell them, “thank you.”
#2. Donate a few dollars to the Gary Sinise Foundation that helps veterans in crisis.

Dressing for this is so easy. Don’t let that be your excuse. You can wear anything green, tan, brown, or whatever.

Let’s fill the house. Let’s raise some money. And let’s raise some hell.