“Money makes the world go round,” is a line from the 1966 Musical Cabaret. It’s true. Without money, we cannot pay our accounting bill, keep our LLC status, pay for web-hosting, web-development, rent, staffing, food, rent, etc.”

Money, however, is not anywhere in the top 100 reasons why we operate YCP.

Yesterday, I chatted with a gentleman who had amazing ideas on how to better monetize the parties. If we followed his advice we could be making 10’s of thousands of extra dollars per year selling memberships, VIP tables, etc.

We would only be interested in such a proposition, however, if the attendees were much happier with those products or services. Giving people the same experience, while squeezing more money out of them sounds horrifying to me.

Here is an example. All YCP parties sell out lately, and we could easily fit another 20-30 couples in the building. Our costs per event are fixed, so those extra 30 couples would be pure profit. It would probably triple our “profit” per event, and not require any additional work at all.

However, there would be a line to the restrooms, a wait for beds, parking would annoying, etc. So we don’t. The experience of YCP attendees is what gets me off…not money.

If you offered me two scenarios:
#1. We made an extra $3000 per event, but three couples had to wait 30-minutes to leave because people were double-parked.


#2. The party broke even and pretty much everyone left happy.

I’ll choose #2 every day of the week. My close friends know I’m really sensitive to people’s thoughts about YCP. When someone is unhappy, it affects me emotionally for weeks.

Yet, we can’t go broke doing this either and I’m forced to live in the “real world” where bills must be paid.

Hence the affiliates. These allow us to make a little extra money, but more importantly help the attendees. It’s the epitome of a win/win.

These links are in the FAQ page > Affiliates page.