Someone is trying to start a “hot person” party. They wrote on Reddit:

“So I found a club in chicago that is willing to let us host parties there. Chicago has a millionaire club, a young couple club and now I want to create a fit couple club. Couples must be fit to join this party. What interest is there? Fit couples would love your feedback.”

This person has thrown YCP into their shortlist of exclusionary clubs, and we aren’t. YCP isn’t about keeping “old people out,” we are about “getting young people in.”

I’ve written about the why and how of YCP many times before. If anyone is curious, you can read about it on our “About” page.

In summary, there are over twice as many “20 and 30 somethings” in Cook County, Illinois than there are “40 and 50 somethings.” So if everyone felt comfortable in area lifestyle clubs, the overwhelming majority of attendees would be younger than 40. Yet, we all know that’s not true.

Attending a club for the first time is scary. It’s even more terrifying when you know most people are twice your age.

YCP is a place where attending for the first time is still frightening, but at least you’re around your peers. Then once people are comfortable with attending clubs in general and have the basics down, they will undoubtedly gain the confidence to try other venues with people of all ages.

Therefore it accomplishes two things.
#1. Gets hundreds of new and young couples per year to try clubs.
#2. Diversifies the age range of all the clubs in the region, as YCP couples get out and explore.

This guy’s entire premise is that he doesn’t want to be around fat people, which is a different matter entirely. I wish he wouldn’t use YCP as an example of what he’s trying to do.