“Fluid bonding” is when two or more people agree to ditch the condoms with each other. The “bonding” signifies a pact. Usually, each person has been std tested and then decides to follow rules to ensure everyone’s safety.

This should be appealing to me because I hate condoms with the passion of 1000 suns. I’m not religious, but if I were, I’d assume that condoms spite God.

God must feel like your grandmother would if she spent all day cooking Thanksgiving meal, only to see you wrap each bite up in saran wrap so you couldn’t taste the food before swallowing it. That would piss me off if I were grandma, and it would piss me off if I were God. He’s created this perfect thing, and you’re intentionally not enjoying it.

I know, I know…responsibility.

I’ve used a condom in every single swinging situation. I’ve never once asked anyone not to use a condom with me. I’m just explaining that “no condoms” sound like something I’d generally be willing to work towards, but this arrangement has never appealed to me, and here’s why.

It’s a relationship.

Suddenly another person or couple’s business will be your business. Let’s say you’re in a fluid-bonded pact with another couple. That other couple now has a date with a couple they met online. Wouldn’t you wonder if they used condoms? Wouldn’t you feel the need to inquire about this other couple?

This focus on other people is a negative side effect of COVID. That other people’s behavior can and will impact your health is something many people cannot deal with mentally.

Plus, sex without condoms is just better. Therefore, if I had an opportunity to choose between a couple, I’m fluid bonded with and a couple that I’m not fluid-bonded with, I’d probably choose the fluid-bonded couple time and time again. Soon, I’d feel as though I was monogamous again, only with more people.

Me personally, if I were going to agree not to use condoms with someone, there wouldn’t be an agreement. I do not want to obsess about if she was following the rules of our agreement.

You can’t take all the risk out of risky behavior, but you can obsess about it so much that it’s no longer any fun.

That’s just me, though. I’m curious about your thoughts:

Have you been fluid-bonded, and did it work out for you?
Are you in a fluid-bonded agreement currently?