The ban on nudity includes “implied nudity.”
If your photo is framed low enough that your bellybutton is showing, you need to show that you’re covering your privates.
Ladies, if your sternum is visible, then you have to show a top covering.
No stickers.
The rules on nudity apply to cartoon nudity.
Sex toys and pornography
Please do not post images of sex toys or pornography, even cropped pornography.
Anonymity and activity
You need to post, like or comment on something at least once every sixty days, and attend at least one YCP event per year.
Memes are only allowed on Thursdays. Please only post once.
Friend Requests and Private Messages
Do not send anyone a friend request unless you ask them via private message first.
Post deletions
If a moderator removes your photograph, do not lash out. We have to pull posts to keep our group from being removed.
Offended or argumentative
If something in the group has offended you, do not respond argumentatively and do not report it to Facebook.
Promoting other lifestyle events, your business, promotions, or your own party
Please do not promote other lifestyle events in the YCP group, or add YCP members to other Facebook groups without their permission.
You can ask for dates in the group. E.g. “The Mrs. and I are free Saturday night, would anyone like to go dancing?” However, you cannot promote an organized event like, “The Mrs. and I invite all of you to our favorite bar on Saturday night.”
Please do not promote your business/hobby. For example, “I have eight openings at my CrossFit gym.”