YCP members have an amazing facebook group. It’s a secret group which means anything that they post, like or comment on cannot be seen by the outside world. The group currently has about 315 members.

The daily themes are:
Monday – MUM (Man up Monday) Men post pics of themselves

Tuesday – Titty Tuesday

Wednesday  – Hump Day, but more importantly it’s YCP date night where one couple broadcasts live from their home for one hour. They talk about themselves and answer questions. It’s a great way for everyone to get to know each other better. Be sure to tune into that at 9:30 pm every Wednesday.

Thursday – Meme day. Please only post memes on this day.

Friday – Wild card. Some people have said “Freaky Friday” others have said “Flex Friday.” Nothing has really become definite yet.

Saturday & Sunday – No real theme.

Reminder about the facebook group. 

The first rule of the group is to remain active. While the group has over 300 members, at least that many have been removed in the past for inactivity. At least occasionally (once a month or more) post, like or comment. Lurkers make everyone nervous.