YCP has over 80,000 twitter followers. It’s the platform I choose to interact with promotors, podcasters, and other influencers in the lifestyle. 

In the past two years, there has been a dangerous attempt at money-grabbing by lifestyle influencers that I’d like to denounce and encourage people to seek another avenue of help. 

When couples first get into the lifestyle, they get very excited about it. That’s great. However, some confuse their excitement with expertise and create “online courses” to teach people about the swinger lifestyle. 

The ones that I’ve seen on Twitter have only 1-3 years of swinging experience. Worse, none of them have a background in counseling, human sexuality, or anything else that would lend itself to providing professional advice/training.

They are quite literally, excited newbies who have dramatically and dangerously overestimated their knowledge of a very complicated subject. 

We have the advantage of thirteen years of swinging and hosting one of the more significant lifestyle events in the United States. That’s more experience that the vast majority of people. Importantly, that’s enough experience to realize that we don’t know anything about other people’s relationships. 

Albert Einstein once said, “The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

That’s us in a nutshell. We know enough to realize that we don’t know much. There are, however, real experts in the field. 

About a year ago, we hired Drs. Charlie and Arienne from Sexbecause.com to write a book for our members. It’s called “The Lifestyle: Consensual Non-Monogamy,” and you can download it for free on the homepage. It’s not inexpensive to pay to people with PhDs to write a resource, and this came at a time when YCP was losing money. However, we felt a responsibility not to teach people ourselves, but to give them a start and whet their appetite for professional advice. 

I encourage you to download the guidebook for free on our homepage and give it a read. If you ever feel your relationship is developing friction because of the lifestyle, I encourage you to reach out to non-monogamy friendly experts like Dr. Charlie and Dr. Arienne.