Every DJ we’ve ever hired has “sucked.” Ok, that’s not actually what I believe. I’ve been satisfied with every DJ we’ve hired. However, every DJ we’ve ever hired has generated complaints.

When a party has a playlist, and a “bad” song comes on, people will leave the dance floor, but not overthink it. However, when it’s an actual person DJ’ing, people think, “this DJ sucks,” as opposed to “this song sucks.”

It goes from a “bad song” to a “bad performer.” It prompts people to complain.

At our pre-covid location in Illinois, the property manager worked the entire facility doing everything from refilling the hot tub to replacing mixers. He also handled the music and did an excellent job. He should. He’s been working swinger parties for thirteen years.

Swinger DJ’ing is different than any other club. It’s not an EDM performance, or a hip hop club. If you try to be specific like that, you’ll fail.

DJ’ing a swinger club is a particular skill. If you hire a “city’s hottest DJ” and put them into a swinger club, they will fail. Trust me. I’ve done that very thing.

At the hotel party, we’re spending close to $2000 on renting the dance floor and professional sound system. The dance floor is particularly expensive, as it’s a LED dance floor (see image) that costs $30,000 to buy. Then we’re bringing nearly $2000 of lights and equipment that we already own.

There won’t be a person operating a DJ booth, but you won’t miss it.