The Christmas party on December 14th is selling great!

As of this moment there are 73 couples ticketed to this

event, and we’ve sold 47 tickets. The party is 9 days away.

Right now you’re probably thinking, “where did the extra 23 couples come from?” Good question.

Those extra 23 couples were couples who didn’t show up to Halloween 2 or the November Military Appreciation event. ¬†Because of the Des Moines party, there were TWO Chicagoland events who transferred to this party rather than one.

Something else you may find weird about our system is that sometimes the “tickets sold” is higher than the tickets available. For example, the $60 tickets says we’ve sold 22 of 15 tickets.

That’s one of those things we hope to someday fix, but right now

The quantity available/quantity sold from the Register Page

The quantity available/quantity sold from the Young Couples Party Register Page

it’s pretty low on the priority list of bugs to sort out. That occurs when a ticket is “sold” and then refunded or cancelled. The ticket is “restocked” in the available section but never subtracted from the sold section.

Now you may be thinking, “I thought you didn’t give refunds?!?!”

We don’t….unless the person is a confused single male. Usually though, these are tickets we canceled because we were testing the system.