Occasionally a couple will say or write, “We would attend YCP, but you’re an hour and a half drive away from us.” Of all possible objections, that one is the most bewildering to me.

When we were in our twenties, we would have driven to Toronto or Atlanta or Las Vegas to attend a party like YCP. We have attended events across the United States, including huge lifestyle events like Naughty in New Orleans and Collette’s where we were hoping we could meet a few couples in their mid-40’s. That’s right, we were hoping to meet a couple only twenty years older than us.

YCP didn’t exist. However, if it had, we would have traveled anywhere to go.

So when someone lives comically close to YCP and uses driving distance as a reason not to try it, I am not sure how to respond.

We live in the Chicago area, and virtually everything is an hour drive away. A couple of weeks ago, a couple without a car wanted to attend our event, so I was explaining how to get there by mass transit. My first question was, “how long would it take you to get to Union Station?” She replied, “about an hour.” So even some people who live in the City of Chicago, just getting to another part of Chicago can take over an hour. If you’re a swinger in your twenties or thirties and you only live 90 minutes from YCP, you’re incredibly lucky.

We have couples who fly or drive incredible distances to each event. At the last event, a couple flew from Florida, another flew from Arkansas, and a unicorn drove from northern Minnesota. That’s a typical YCP event. They get how rare and valuable it is.