Speaking man-to-man, I’ll be frank.

Young Couples Party has been around for over 5-years; there have been hundreds of conversations in person, the Facebook group, and now YCP 2.0.

The verdict is in….

Women want men to dress better.

Want to know a secret? YCP only has a dress code for men. Why? Women would NEVER attend a sex party without being intentional about their clothing choices. Many men, on the other hand, often aren’t purposeful.

The number one reason men give when complaining about YCP’s dress code is “I’m more comfortable in jeans, or a baseball cap, or t-shirt.” Why are they more comfortable wearing those things?

They’ve been wearing them practically every day for their entire lives. Take me, for example.

My mother dressed me in a t-shirt every day of elementary school unless it was picture day. Naturally, when I was old enough to choose my clothing, I felt the most comfortable wearing a t-shirt. Here’s why you shouldn’t always continue on with what is the most comfortable.

My mom wasn’t dressing me to attract, seduce, and fuck a beautiful, intelligent, and successful woman.

Ask any woman, and she will tell you that nothing is as seductive as confidence. Confidence comes from preparation and effort.

With this in mind, I’ve hired the Manager of Suit Supply in Chicago to give a presentation on men’s clothing.

He will cover the basics of men’s clothing as well as fit and tailoring. Every woman reading this hopes you take advantage of this presentation.

It’s free for Platinum, Gold, and Silver members. As one of our quarterly educational seminars, we hire professional experts, the cost is $25 for bronze members.

However, you can upgrade your Bronze membership to Silver and take advantage of ALL of the virtual events throughout the year (exercise classes, lap dance classes, twerk classes, educational seminars, and virtual parties.)