I received a call from a man inquiring about the party. He was asking questions like “where is the party?” and “how do I attend” both questions people can determine in just a few seconds of reading the website.

I’d answer a question, and he’d still be confused. He’d claim parts of the website were not working. I finally opened my web browser and walked him through the website.

I told him, “You see where it says, ‘Three easy steps to attend a YCP event?’ you need to read that.” He was annoyed that I’d ask him to spend a couple of minutes reading about an event before he attends.

He finally says he’s going to buy a ticket and I’m concerned. He seemed like the kind of guy who is later going to claim he didn’t know how to get there, be over the age limit, or show up too late. He’s not interested in trying to learn about the event.

He finally asks me, “so how do we dress.” I tell him the dress code for men, and he interrupts, “pshhhh…not worth it” He literally gave me the “pshhhh!” HA!

That, ladies and gentlemen, is why we have a dress code. If wearing anything other than what you might wear to binge watch Netflix is too much effort, we do not want you at the event.

We want people who research things, read the entire site, ask us questions, download the resources, talk to their partner, and then sign up. We desire intellectually curious people.