The consent video is complete. Every attendee will watch it on Friday. At subsequent parties, new couples will view it on their tour as well as any YCP regular who haven’t seen it yet.

This video is far beyond anything ever done at a swinger club, party, or resort. It’s not an exaggeration to say it’s “groundbreaking,” and we’re proud of this work.

We can only do something this sophisticated because all of you demand it. You require deep, intellectual conversations about topics.

I don’t think many other event’s attendees could watch a 5-minute video about playroom etiquette without giggling, rolling their eyes, or wandering off. You can. It’s appreciated.

I want to thank the volunteers who not only gave up their Sunday evening but exposed themselves for the sake of this video. Due to the nature of the video, they had to be nude. They also had to simulate sex play, which is unnerving to do on video. Further, they had to put themselves into potentially embarrassing situations. For example, they had to ask for consent and be “turned down” on video.

After you watch the video, you are going to be asked a couple of fundamental questions in a friendly manner to see if the material is understood. These questions are basic but want you to be aware of them anyway.

The video is in English with Spanish subtitles. If you struggle with both English and Spanish, let us know, and we will find someone to interpret for you.

The video will be in the “master bedroom.” That’s the room right off of the kitchen. Once people watch the video, they receive a wristband. We are going to continue to search the building until everyone has seen this video and received their wristband.

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll only need to go through this process once. It will take 5 minutes. It’s very appreciated.