Posting this script for any other event producers who want to do a more thorough job of instructing their attendees about consent. We have all of our attendees watch this instructional video on consent.

I wish I could share the video itself, but it has both nudity and sex in the video.


YCP parties are very safe. We each have a responsibility to keep them safe. Your responsibility as a participant is as high as mine as a host. Let me explain why and how…

Everyone at YCP must use explicit consent. Explicit is defined as “stated clearly, leaving no room for confusion or doubt.” This means that you ask direct questions and do not proceed unless you have a direct response. Someone cannot consent with their eyes or body language, no matter how flirty you may interpret it. Only a Yes is a Yes 

For example, when dancing, ask before touching. Then continue to ask before escalating to more sexual touching, kissing, or sexual activity. 

These same rules apply everywhere on the property, like the hot tub, and for both men and women. 

There are several playrooms and 16 beds in all. They all have the same rules. 

One of these rooms is the “orgy room.” It’s large enough to host an orgy. However, the same rules apply in the orgy room as in any other room. A couple can have sex right beside you, and they may even be looking at you. You may even think they are flirting with you. Do not touch them without asking and receiving an explicit response. 

While we’re on the subject, you can walk around the play areas and ask to join people, but we recommend against it. By asking, you’ve interrupted people’s sex play and they are unlikely to hear you properly. 

Some additional playroom rules. 

If a playroom door is shut, leave it shut. That means people want privacy. Do not open a closed playroom door.

Men are not allowed unaccompanied in the playroom areas, not even to use a restroom. 

If you’re in the playroom areas, try not to speak. If you must talk, do so quietly and discuss something sexual. Don’t yell about how the Cubs will do this year, for example. (say that last line with some humor)

A host will clear out all of the playrooms at 1:45 am. Leave them immediately. You can finish your sex acts in the orgy room and see yourself out when done. 

Finally: If you see someone violate any of the things discussed in this video. You must tell a host. Even if the violation didn’t happen to you, say to a host what you saw, and do it right then. 

Here are people you can go to:


Please do not let this video make you think that there are consent issues at YCP. Quite the opposite!! This video is proof of how seriously everyone at YCP takes consent and that’s precisely what makes the event safe.

Thank you for being a part of YCP. We hope you have the best night of your life!!!