The good news.

The party in Des Moines on Friday will have close to 40 couples. Virtually none of them have attended a lifestyle club before.

The bad news.

There are some people who don’t understand what we’re doing or why we are doing it. We’ve explained the purpose of the party, which is to get younger people comfortable attending events, by first surrounding them only with their peers. But there are a few 40-60 somethings who are so terribly offended that they are lashing out.

We’ve read insults on facebook groups and now a group is having an “AARP Party.” This may sound good natured, but I’ve their comments and it’s definitely not.

There was a local guy who took this same tact a couple of years ago. He called his event the “old farts” party and even had a cartoon caricature of the Mrs and I on the flyer, making it about as personal as possible. Of course the party was on the same day as ours, the whole thing was supposed to be a giant insult.

Here is the thing…

Everyone gets to live their own life. You’ll never see YCP mocking people online. That’s not who we are, and it’s not who we want to be. We don’t write mean comments on facebook, we don’t write people “hate emails,” we just keep working and throwing awesome events for even more awesome people.

The plan is to get young couples attending clubs. The plan is working.

Between the Des Moines party on the 7th and the Chicago party on the 14th, there will be ~55 couples who have never been to another event. And I’m convinced probably never would have tried another event. 

We’re proud of that.

There will be hundreds of new couples in 2019.

We’re even more proud of that.