56 tickets sold in four days.

I can tell in the first ten minutes after a party goes on sale how well it’s going to do. If the first 10 tickets ($40) sell in ten-minutes or so, then it’s going to be a near sell out. If the next ten tickets ($50) sell in an hour, then it’s going to sell out, but probably not until the day of the actual party.

This party sold the $40, $50 and all 20 $60 tickets almost immediately. Then even more insane, the $68 tickets sold out on the first day as well. That doubles our best start ever. Really exciting!!

I hope this becomes the new normal, but we shall see. It’s a little bitter sweet, however, because most new couples join in the last two weeks of sales and this time they are going to find themselves locked out. They may lose their enthusiasm and be unable to wait 6-7 weeks until their first YCP event.

That is a short term problem because we are going to two parties per month in June. One Friday night party and one Saturday daytime party. Then in September we are moving to two Friday night parties per month. That doubles our expenses, so we hope you can continue to support the event financially when you can.

Some people have asked why we don’t increase the number of tickets available. We could. We could sell another 20 tickets at $100. However, I think those last 20 couples would cause lines to the restrooms, lines for beds and cause parking headaches. We fill the building, but we do not pack it. The quality of the party is much more important than the revenue.