A dirty drive in…..

I have an idea for a drive-in movie theatre party.

YCP owns a 25-foot wide movie screen, and I’ve learned that FM audio transmitters like drive-in movies theatres use to broadcast audio to automobile’s radios are relatively inexpensive.

I’m imagining a Friday night party in late summer, open to just 10-15 couples. Everyone pre-arranges his or her “date” ahead of time if they would like to swap or stick to your usual partner. There wouldn’t be an opportunity to mingle or find anyone new. You’d pull your vehicle in, swap partners and the movie starts just a few minutes later. Obviously, this would limit itself to couples who have played with each other before and who are comfortable with “separate room” play. Although I suppose those with large vehicles could have a four-person swap if they choose!

The event would take place in the parking area of the club, the building itself would only be open for restroom use. People would be free to make out, fuck and whatever else they wanted inside or outside of their vehicle while the movie played.

This would allow those of us in our 20’s and 30’s to have a naughty drive-in experience that our parents or grandparents had. Those are hard to come by nowadays because there are very few drive-ins and the ones that do exist have children present.

Fogged up windows and vehicles rocking would be very hot indeed.

No way to predict what this would cost at this point, so let’s just put money aside for now. Let’s also put aside dates and just think about the general idea of it.

Does this interest you? Would you be excited about this idea?

Does anyone have a large enough and private enough plot of land that this could be done off the regular club’s property?