New and Regular YCP Couples! I’m going to tell you about Bluechew.
When I started in the lifestyle, the only option for erectile dysfunction drugs was Viagra or Cialis through your local physician and pharmacy. Those pills were $40 per dose. Seriously. ?Your other choice was to buy something bootleg off the internet or your shady friend. That’s such a stupid option that we won’t even talk about it. At that point, you might as well just be taking random pills you find on the sidewalk.
Today, both Viagra and Cialis are available in generic form, and that’s what Bluechew is. Its generic Viagra or Cialis.
There are several competitors to Bluechew who offer the same drug, but none of them wanted to work with Young Couples Party. Roman provides the same active ingredient, but they also think you’re gross. They turned us down as an affiliate because of our parties. Bluechew, on the other hand, enthusiastically wanted to support your events financially.
You may be wondering if Bluechew works and if you need it.
The drugs work. Viagra has historically had about 2 billion dollars in annual sales. Bluechew isn’t some gas station dick pills or herbal supplements; it’s the same active ingredient in either Viagra or Cialis (you choose) and only available with a prescription. Don’t worry, Bluechew has its own physicians and prescribes you the drugs through an online consultation.
Now is it for you? Well, even without the drugs, I’ve always eventually gotten an erection. However, with the drugs, I get harder faster, and it’s an insurance policy for me. Even if my head isn’t in the game, or I’m tired, I know that I’m still going to perform.
A few parties back, I was lucky enough to have sex. Afterward, I went downstairs and was almost immediately taken back upstairs by someone else. The total time between me cumming and going again couldn’t have been more than five minutes. I didn’t even have to consider if my cock was going to work, but had I been “all-natural” that night, it definitely would have been iffy at best.
You never know when opportunities like that will come up, so you might as well take something to be prepared.
How they market is another cool thing about Bluechew. They were not only were willing to be formally linked to YCP, but they sell themselves as a “performance booster” as opposed to fixing “erectile dysfunction.”
Perhaps the coolest thing about Bluechew is that they are headquartered in Chicago. When you get your shipment, it comes from the loop.
Bluechew has become a pretty significant source of revenue for us. In 2019 it was the equivalent revenue of two sold-out events parties.
So far, in our first year of partnership, 137 men have subscribed. We believe that you absolutely should be next, and you should get started tonight.
Just go to the YCP website, then FAQ, then affiliates. Click the Bluechew link, and you’re all set.
You receive your first month free by using the promo code “YCP.” There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.
If you’ve ever been to the Bluechew site but didn’t use our link, please remove cookies/history, cache from your browser before making that journey through cyberspace.
So go the Young Couples Party website, then Frequently Asked Questions and finally affiliates. Get started. Soon your dick will be so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it.