There have been 45 new couples in the past 30 days join YCP. 

Now keep in mind that the old way of joining YCP was to go to the website, add a ticket to your cart and buy it. Then show your ID at the door to prove you were between 21-42. That’s it. 

Out of sheer necessity, we changed from that to what we believe is the nation’s strictest admissions policy.

Potential members now:

  1. Apply
  2. Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  3. Electronically submit a selfie-and their state identification. 
  4. Take a quiz on YCP policies to makes sure they are paying attention.
  5. Post a face pic on the site’s social media 
  6. Pay a monthly fee 

Remember, too, that until a couple is a member, they cannot see the event dates or locations. Only generalities like “there are two parties per month.” 

I wasn’t sure how many couples would go through this process, but the results have shocked me. More than one per day is more than I ever expected, and COVID is still tampering interest significantly. 

In 2019, YCP had 750 new couples. We may get back to that point, even with the new system in place. 

Not everyone makes it through the process, however. I’d say about 50% of couples successfully make it through. 

Here is who no longer makes it through the process and ruins the parties…

We used to have men who would buy tickets to parties and then surprise their girlfriend or wife with her attendance at a swinger club. Not anymore. When the female has to submit a selfie and her ID, she is surely involved in the process. 

People who do not read or cannot follow a process. Obtaining a membership only requires about 30 minutes, but many couples cannot grasp what’s happening because they refuse to read the directions and don’t make it through. 

Me: “Please read this linked webpage and let me know when you’re ready to verify your ID.”

Them: “Yeah, we already signed the NDAs.”

Me: “I know, this is something else. Please read the link I just sent you.” 

Them: “But I already signed it. What’s the next step?”


If you notice, we’ve not had any consent issues, people showing up late, arguments between partners, or anything at all since starting the new system. 

It’s certainly separating the wheat from the chaff.